Designed and curated in collaboration with domain experts

Only the best, for the best – our platform is curated by domain experts with working knowledge and understanding of problems faced in enterprise IT. Designed to provide flexible yet effective enterprise-grade solution to business and stakeholders, the unification of systems – powered by agnostic integration and orchestration – has been identified as Flint’s key focus to ensure that your workforce uses our platform capabilities to the fullest.

For Complete Enterprise ITOM Ecosytem

Orchestrate, Automate and Accelerate ITOps

Integrate. Automate. Accelerate

Flint empowers you to maintain full control over your IT resources, optimize service management processes, and deliver significantly improved service levels.

Creating Unity Among Diverse Systems

Interaction between silo systems need to be harmonised. Our standard connectors ease the integration of enterprise systems, tools, and applications which supports standard APIs, command line, and other interactive protocols.

Flexibility to Build Custom Automation

Eliminate the complexity of building and managing core functions and services. Our platform allows you to create custom workflows and automations through a ‘microservices’ approach, to build highly portable, scalable, and automated solutions and services for your customers.

Automation as a Service

Designed for end-to-end automation, Flint’s ‘automation as a service’ eliminates the need of a human workforce to be available 24/7.