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Designed and curated in collaboration with domain experts
Flint Platform is curated by domain experts with working knowledge and understanding of problems of the enterprise IT. Designed to provide flexible yet effective enterprise-grade solution to business and stakeholders, the road-map is sketched after closely working with system administrators, cloud operators, business analysts, solution architects and system integrators . Unification powered by agnostic integration and orchestration has been a key focus. The tech aspects carefully imbibed within the platform, so to bring an ease to the  IT workforce in using platform capabilities to the fullest.
For Complete Enterprise ITOM Ecosytem

Orchestrate, Automate and Accelerate ITOps

Automation as Code

Identify, Track, Audit & debug changes in your automation

Modular & Shareable

Simple to build and reuse your automation code

Microservices Architecture

Get full advantage for microservices pattern

Immutable via Version

Transit between versions or Rollback when required


Automate and integrate with other systems with ease

Generic Technologies

To let you concentrate building automation

Resilient Platform

Run your automation workflows with confidence

Automation as a Service

Automation built can be offered as service

Keep calm and agile !

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Principles of flint

Principles of Flint Automation Platform1. Automation as CodeIdentify, Track, Audit & debug changes in your automation.In flint...

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