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Get every part of your IT to play perfectly together
Flint coordinates workflows across applications, platforms, and tools to automate critical IT processes, accelerating service delivery, enforcing compliance, and lowering costs. A common scenario leveraging automation features of Flint such as to execute typical IT service requests, new hire onboarding, password resets, service provisioning or decommissioning, automatically triage incidents or trigger remediation.
Positioned at the Core of ITOM

Flint Orchestrator Wires Together the IT and Cloud

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Systems Integrator

IT & Cloud Orchestrator

Workflow Engine

Automation Grid

Integrate. Automate. Accelerate

Eliminate duplication and waste by automating your IT systems, processes, infrastructure and applications. Maintain full control over your IT resources, optimize service management processes, and deliver significantly improved service levels through automation.

Flexibility to Build Custom Automation

Create custom workflows and automations through a “microservices” approach. Eliminate the complexity of building and managing core functions and services. Bundled microservices allow you to build highly portable, scalable, automated solutions and services.

Creating Unity among Diverse Systems

Interaction & exchange between silo systems needs to be harmonized. We keep building standard connectors which makes it an easy integration with enterprise systems, tools and applications which supports standard APIs, command line and other interactive protocols.

Consume and Offer Automation as a Service

Automated ITOps processes and activities means you don’t need a human workforce to be available 24x7. Flint orchestrator features ‘automation as a service’ offered to end-users and IT support through workflow-driven use cases designed for end-to-end automation.

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