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Automate with Flint…

Imagine a symphony of professional and trained musicians playing their instruments with skill, but completely out of sync with each other. Would the audience appreciate performance? Of course not! Because the overall musical experience they create is not well orchestrated. End users want a well-orchestrated IT symphony playing in beautiful harmony
Without an Orchestrator they all will be playing different tunes and notes and will be a complete mess.

It is no different in IT today. The general business challenge is quite similar which is to manage large, complex, heterogeneous IT applications and systems. It becomes difficult for an IT team to maintain and operate services in such a condition.

This puts pressure on three main resources of your company-

Time, Money, and Team

What it demands is an orchestrator or integrator which tune-in the siloed applications & systems

Flint IT Automation Platform brings in the capability to integrate with your applications and systems, Orchestrates the systems for tasks to be performed and the final outcome is automated day-to-day IT tasks & activities.

Flint works on the principle of “Automation as Code” where everything behaves like the code in development. This makes your workflows much more manageable, flexible, and reusable.

Flint can be deployed in minutes and is ready to automate all your use-cases like-

Cloud Orchestration, Data Center Automation, Closed Loop automation, Business Process Automation, Workload Automation, Service Desk Integration, Automated Application Deployment, DevOps and many more…

IT Process Automation

Delivering services with the pace of business growth is difficult enough for IT operations. Add in the complexity of multi-tier, hybrid application stacks, and evolving technology landscape. It is a usual case for IT staff being overwhelmed by labor-intensive, day-to-day operations. The burden of repetitive, manual tasks affects productivity — and innovation — of IT Resources.

IT Process Automation

Flint works as an IT process automation solution that allows IT personnel to create workflows across applications, platforms, and tools to orchestrate critical activities for compliance, security, and competitive edge.

Orchestrated Datacenter

Datacenter is the core of your IT and you need to manage the complexity of fast-tracked delivery of services across traditional IT or cloud environments — whether it is a full stack of infrastructure from storage, network, servers to databases or right up to the application layer.

Datacenter orchestration & automation

Flint will help you rapidly automate complex operations and service delivery with consistency so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Accelerate processes with less manual effort. Because a Smart Organization needs Smart Automation. For more visit us at www.getflint.io and if you are ON with kind of related automation….tell us your story at http://community.getflint.io/

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