Unlock the full potential of
cloud computing

FlintCloud is a simple ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution for independent software vendors, enterprises, and managed service providers.

Our bundled orchestration and automation delivers flexibility without compromising IT control over resources. Available in different editions, Flint’s consistent processes provide a simplified user experience by standardization – providing everything you need via a fast, consistent, and easy-to-use experience.

How Flint improves your enterprise’s existing IT operations management systems

Integrate, Orchestrate, and Automate IT Operations


Drive decision-making at a glance.

With a unified cloud platform, you will be able to get massive value from your data. Our simple and intuitive dashboard allows you to integrate with cloud providers seamlessly and consolidate management KPIs. This helps your enterprise analyse data and make quick decisions, thereby reducing cost and optimizing cloud resources.

Billing should not be complicated

Using a multi-provider cloud consumption and management can be overwhelming. We understand the importance of having a single complete view of costs across your enterprise’s cloud environment. Flint’s Cloud Management also allows for the seamless onboarding and discovery of diverse cloud resources.

Moreover, with Flint’s Cloud Consumption and Cost Dashboard, users and lines of business will gain better transparency of the resources they consume, and IT leaders can analyse its business activities for better investment strategies.


Boost workplace productivity

Cloud management is incomplete without orchestration and automation capabilities. Whether you are looking at provisioning new resources or maintaining existing workloads, Flint’s self-service portal allows you to deep dive to the endpoint level and make automated actions.

The service catalogue module in our portal delivers enhanced user experience with a multi-tenant organization hierarchy support. It masks catalogue based on tenancy requirements, which can be requested via a generalized form to simplify order fulfilment and boost your workplace productivity.