Get every part of your IT to play perfectly together

Flint coordinates workflows across applications, platforms, and tools to automate critical IT processes, accelerate service delivery, enforce compliance, and lower costs.

Flint Orchestrator as the Core of Your Cloud and IT Operations

How Flint Wires Your Enterprise’s IT and Cloud Ecosystem Together

Systems Integrator

IT & Cloud Orchestrator

Workflow Engine

Automation Grid

Integrate. Automate. Accelerate

Flint empowers you to maintain full control over your IT resources, optimize service management processes, and deliver significantly improved service levels.

Creating Unity among Diverse Systems

Interaction between silo systems need to be harmonised. Our standard connectors ease the integration of enterprise systems, tools, and applications which supports standard APIs, command line, and other interactive protocols

Flexibility to Build Custom Automation

Eliminate the complexity of building and managing core functions and services. Our platform allows you to create custom workflows and automations through a ‘microservices’ approach, to build highly portable, scalable, and automated solutions and services for your customers.

Use and Offer Automation as a Service

Designed for end-to-end automation, Flint’s ‘automation as a service’ eliminates the need of a human workforce to be available 24/7.