Leverage the power of unified management for the clouds

A simple, efficient, “SaaS” solution for independent software vendors, enterprises and managed service providers. Bundled orchestration and automation of your cloud services including demand, capacity, consumption, reporting, billing, assurance, incidents, brokerage, and more. Available in different editions, for enterprise and SMBs to explore the lightweight solution designed just to meet the specific demands on multi-cloud management.

For Complete Enterprise ITOM Ecosytem

Orchestrate, Automate and Accelerate ITOps

Hybrid Cloud Management

Flint Cloud Management solves the problem of cloud sprawl by extending the unified management approach to the public, private and hybrid clouds—making it easy to manage diverse cloud infrastructure, cost, and consumption from a single platform.

IT Operations Automation

IT operations, support teams, managed or shared services wish BAU activities to run as on autopilot mode. Flint integrates with existing ITOM systems and ITSM processes like incident, change or CMDB to reduce manual efforts, errors, and ensure compliance.


Workflow-driven Orchestration is at the core of Flint Platform, that uniquely combines human-guided processes and automation. IT can design workflows and services that extend outside of Flint environment for IT service and operations management.

For Complete Enterprise ITOM Ecosytem

Orchestrate, Automate and Accelerate ITOps


Unify physical, virtual and cloud environments

Today’s enterprise is a hub of heterogeneous technologies that can be complex and expensive to manage, especially when you consider adopting cloud, DevOps and IoT like emerging technologies. With Flint Enterprise, you can streamline the management of compute, network and storage resources. Efficient automation of workloads across heterogeneous environments, as well as various flavors of public, private and hybrid cloud. Flint Enterprise is integrated with the leading enterprise systems and cloud service providers: ServiceNow, Microsoft, ManageEngine, Amazon, Microsoft, VMware, Google and many more.

Automate IT Workloads for speed and reliability

Spend too much time on manual work, fighting fires and keeping the lights on? You’re not alone. Most IT departments spend over 50 percent of their time on repetitive manual maintenance tasks. When you’re spending most of your time being reactive, you’ve got less time to spend on the work that matters: deploying applications quickly and moving your business ahead. That’s where IT automation comes in. Flint Enterprise lets you automate IT operations to run in an autopilot mode while you can focus on business and innovation.


Deliver automated services to users at the push of a button

Automate the delivery of your business and IT computing services. At the click of a button, users request business or IT services from a familiar and convenient user interface that automatically takes the actions required to deliver the requested service. Flint integrates with existing ITSM processes to reduce errors and ensure compliance with required approval and change management processes. Modeled service definitions enable options that reduce non-standard requests.

Improve productivity and reduce tool sprawl

Flint Enterprise helps you improve organizational productivity, go-to-market agility, and collaboration across your teams while reducing tool proliferation. Flint delivers a flexible, unified platform that combines a microservices approach with imperative task execution so you can effectively manage hybrid infrastructure across its entire lifecycle. Flint Enterprise empowers you to use common industry languages that all teams in an IT organization can use to successfully adopt automation practices such as version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration and automated deployment.