Thinking of Hybrid Cloud? Brace Yourself for these 7 Benefits

Thinking of Hybrid Cloud? Brace Yourself for these 7 Benefits

Hybrid Cloud has become the prime face of digital transformation in enterprises. And while some business leaders (the ones who dread change) remain skeptical about it, their smarter counterparts are actively embracing the technology to realize tons of benefits.

This is reiterated by the “Hybrid IT Strategy Insights” report from Forrester, which provides insights into these benefits. Let’s take a dive into these if you’re aiming to replicate the same at your organization:

1. Better System Reliability

Services are distributed across multiple data centers, eliminating the fear of sudden downtime or data losses.

2. Lesser Infrastructure Complexity

Hybrid clouds are the chameleon of the cloud universe. They come with the capabilities of both public and private clouds, doing away with the hassle of marrying contrasting cloud ecosystems.

3. New-Age Infrastructure

All this and more reduces the dependency on legacy cloud infrastructures, adding many modern features and guidelines.

4. Lowered Software Costs

You no longer need to shop for expensive data storage devices or worry about their maintenance. With the ability to order and deploy storage on a need basis, IT storage costs prove to be a fraction of what they used to be!

5. High Scalability

Since every new byte added to the storage is now actually used instead of being idle, there is a certain direct utility or ROI associated with it. This paves the way for highly scalable infrastructures that justify resources.

6. More Control

Instead of being subjected to the will (and mood) of a third-party vendor, the private arm of your hybrid cloud infrastructure can be customized to your needs. This makes the management of critical operations a breeze!

7. Increased Speed to Market

Hybrid clouds provide you with all the ingredients you need to create productive environments that can test, prototype, and launch new products. Throw in some automation into the mix and the resulting ability is already miles ahead of your existing infrastructure.

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