MSP and CSP, Boost Profits and Take Control of your Billing with Custom Rate-cards

If you are a Cloud or Managed Service provider, multi-cloud infrastructure can give your business the agility to scale and make it built for future. However, monitoring your cloud resources could leave you blue in the face until you deploy a solution that ensures complete visibility via customizable billing and invoicing to simplify operations and boost profits.

One way in which your organization can grow its practice while simplifying operations, especially in a multi-cloud environment, is through customer-specific billing via Custom Rate Cards that can be used for adding maintenance charges, taxes, and add-ons for individual clients to manage payments effectively without any confusion. In addition, you also need customized Cloud Dashboards to view your usage costs in a single window, enabling you to detect recurring patterns and analyze user behavior.

How to Use Custom Rate Cards?

Are you finding it difficult to manage your multi-cloud infrastructure with respect to your growing clientele. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario that can be reversed if you can accurately charge for the services rendered by creating Custom Rate Cards for each of your clients. 

Additional services subscribed by your clients may include cloud management, cost optimization, technical support, security management, etc. Charges for these services differ for different cloud providers who may charge a flat fee or per cent lift or a combination of both. However, setting the fee for these services is not difficult; but keeping track of the services availed by each of your customers and charging them accordingly for the services rendered can be a challenging task. Custom Rate Cards help you tide over this problem through customer- specific billing via individualized rate cards for every customer.

The main benefit of using Custom Rate Cards is the integration of cloud-native fees and internal service fees on a single bill for easy and transparent payments. Fees can be charged using a flat fee model, per cent uplift or a combination of both, and discounts and credits can be applied instantly, without any confusion.

Using Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards are perfect for simplifying your cloud payments by giving you a clear view of your cloud spend through unified billing. Most organizations struggle with cloud payments due to the otherwise convenient ‘pay-as-you-go’ model followed by AWS and Azure. 

In simple terms, ‘pay-as-you-go’ means that you only pay for the services you use in any billing cycle. However, it is often difficult to monitor, as well as predict usage, in a multi-cloud organization, leading to confusion and skewered budgets. Custom Dashboards help you tide over this issue through aggregate billing and unified reporting that give you a clear view of your usage and associated costs.

Custom Dashboards also enable you to curtail frivolous costs through highly visual reports and graphs that help you identify saving opportunities. You can easily export our reports to CSV format for further analysis and also access past reports to determine recurring patterns and irregularities. To gain more insights into your expenses, you can use Custom Dashboards for customized reports that can be filtered by Cloud provider, Business Units, as well as by date.

Optimize Your Cloud Spend

Turn the cloud into a profit center with the right technology to manage your sprawl and optimize your costs. At Flint, we offer you a one-stop-solution for all your cloud needs so that you don’t have to look for multiple partners for different requirements.