Why MSPs and CSPs Need Cloud Management More Than Ever

Cloud computing has emerged as the go-to technology to bring down IT costs. But with soaring adoption and use cases, it is common for organizations to get themselves entangled in a web of complexities. This is mainly because of their inability to realize all-round visibility into every cloud function.

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are in a similar rocky boat. Although they provide value-added services to customers, they are unable to look at the big picture, often leading to management nightmares.

The reasons why CSPs need Cloud Management include:

  • To drive proper strategy and management for efficient productivity
  • Lack of holistic skills, knowledge, and expertise on the cloud
  • Managing and scaling applications and processes with repetitive tasks
  • Making monthly costs recurring and predictable to do away with surprises
  • Bringing down the response time with round the clock monitoring

End-to-end Cloud Management Platforms, such as Flint, pave the way for a number of pan-organization benefits:

  • Pay-per-service or payment plans, enabling the business to focus its funds on growth
  • Robust network and IT infrastructure with round the clock management
  • Unified accessibility that boosts employee productivity
  • More flexibility in terms of control over service levels, performance, and maintenance
  • Easy handling of vendor-specific service issues by mediating the involved contact process
  • Deployment of Service-as-a-code and other intuitive concepts such as DevOps
  • Management of role-based access to cloud services and efficient enforcement of the involved compliance
  • Collecting and auto-fulfilling requests from users to access and deploy cloud resources in a manner that makes sense to all the stakeholders

How a Multi-Cloud Management Portal Can Help

With all the hype surrounding the different types of cloud platforms, the true savior of the industry often gets left behind. By changing this and actually adopting a multi-cloud management portal, the strategy can add wings to your cloud management efforts by:

  • Lining-up your business requirements in a way that chooses the best-in-class cloud-hosting providers
  • Orchestrating multi-cloud strategies in a manner that automatically chooses the best cloud platform for a particular requirement

As a cloud service provider, all of these capabilities will only make your life easier. To learn more about how you can do this, visit this link!