Hybrid Cloud is Now Enterprise Reality

Brace yourselves, compatriots of Cloudville. There is a new player in town. And it's winning the heart of the citizens.

Enter Hybrid Cloud - the hero of our story today.

Let’s begin by putting things in perspective. Live Mint reports that 88% of the leaders expect hybrid cloud to positively impact their businesses. In fact, the deployment of the hybrid cloud model is set to rise up to 26% in a year.

But the question now arises is what is driving this sudden change? Let’s look at the major benefits that are in play:

  • Better Security: Security is a common concern while moving to the cloud. Hybrid clouds do away with these via dedicated servers and network devices. Access can be restricted or granted in a jiffy.
  • Cloud Bursting: They pave the way for cloud bursting, which is a process that enables apps that are running in the data center or private cloud to burst into public clouds as and when the need arises. This even keeps cloud bills under control.
  • Better Control: With a hybrid infrastructure, enterprises that are leveraging Big Data can easily migrate to the cloud and serve their customers with increased efficiency.
  • Infrastructure Transitioning: Downtime elimination during transitions ensures that there is no loss of efficiency or interruption of critical business functions. Enterprises can strike a sweet chord where they get the best of both the public and private worlds.
  • Lower Costs: While public clouds are cheaper, private options are more secure. Hybrid cloud allows enterprises to find the right equilibrium and execute both short and long term game plans for being cost-effective.
  • Technological Harbour: Teams can create testing environments on specific servers and connect them to agile cloud resources.
  • Architectural Flexibility: Workloads can be aligned to the best possible fit and in ways that make maximum use of performance requirements. Moreover, contract term billing can help to meet compliance and regulation needs.

And according to a report from IDG, factors that are driving this move include the following:

With such benefits in sight, Hybrid Cloud is becoming such a hot property that managers cannot keep their hands off of it. If you have been craving to explore/implement the same, we, at Flint, can help you implement simplified Cloud Management solutions that can put your hybrid cloud resources on steroids.

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