Driving OneLogin Value Integration with Flint's Automation Engine

Flint has proven to be a powerhouse of productivity when it comes to handling administrative operations on OneLogin. And while it can weave together the workflows of multiple Identity Access Management (IAM) tools, OOTB services for OneLogin are smartly leveraged for this purpose. The result? Let’s take a quick dive!

How Flint Automates Workflows with IAM Solutions

Let’s expound more on this this with a simple scenario where you are using Azure AD as your IAM tool. Owing to the benefits of OneLogin, you decide to make the desired switch. But your leap of faith is in vain because the following issues:
Flint effectively intervenes in such scenarios with smart workflows that deliver the following functions:
  • Executing manual and tedious migration processes for every existing user.
  • Ensuring that all users are in sync with each other.
  • Manually handling provisioning and on-boarding of users from the old IAM to the new IAM.
  • Managing mundane admin tasks such as password resets for employees, user account locks, assignment of team roles, etc.
  • Sunk cost and resources since the entire user base from Azure Active Directory cannot be directly moved to OneLogin.
All this and more completely eliminate the need for manual intervention, paving the way for highly efficient and organized operations.

Benefits of Flint for IAM Users Migration and Synchronization

With Flint by your side, you can avail the following benefits automation-powered workflows:

  • Substantial savings on manpower and resources.
  • Better quality of end results and improved predictions of quality.
  • Improved robustness of processes and consistency of outputs.
  • Elimination of manual tasks leading to higher accuracy.
  • Engagement of the workforce in more strategic tasks.
  • Optimized operations and intuitive workload management.