Step One to Cloud Adoption: Overcoming the Transformation Fear

If you haven’t already done so, imagine moving all your sensitive data onto the servers of a third-party. Chances are that as an executive in the C-seat, it freaks you out more than you expect it to. And you’re not alone! Cloud computing and newbie jitters go hand-in-hand.

Although there are many strong cases in favor of cloud migration, apprehension still commands the front seat. Here are some major cloud-related fears and how you can handle each of them:

1. Fear of Ceding Control

This is perhaps the most common fear due to data storage units being remote and non-tangible. This fear particularly compounds for managers who do not have any idea about the type of Cloud infrastructure that they need. If you are one of them, you need to realize that cloud storage offers more flexibility due to standardization and control through APIs.

2. Use an Appropriate Storage Class

Managers who go through the terms of service of cloud providers get a reality check when they read that the provider takes no responsibility for any loss of data whatsoever. To overcome this, they need to keep these in mind:

  • Cloud providers are simply protecting themselves from legal liabilities.
  • The terms are not a reflection of their service quality.
  • There are similar risks associated with maintaining local data drives.
  • Timely data backups can always be an effective risk mitigation strategy.

3. Fear of Data Security

Another common cloud-related anxiety, data security is something that is completely dependent on the cloud partner. Hence, the choice of your Cloud service provider is critical to bypass this risk. An ideal cloud platform includes:

  • Requisite firewalls and security norms.
  • Locks on all network applications.
  • Emergency data backup protocols.

And whatever you do, realize that the entire business of the cloud provider depends on the robustness of their platform. They are likely to take it more seriously than you ever will!

4. Fear of High Expenses

Managers often underestimate or overshoot the costs of moving data to the Cloud. This leads to an uncertain ROI, improper planning, and inaccurate expectations. The end result is often either sunk costs or resources. But this does not mean that Cloud computing itself is to be blamed. With a pay-as-you-go payment model, you can ensure that you shell out your hard-earned cash only for the resources that you actually use!

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