Automated fulfilment of Freshservice SRs

Automated Fulfilment of Freshservice Service Requests

Driven by Automation: Flint Integrates with Freshservice

Prompt response and quick turnaround time not only translate to a satisfied customer-base but also offer a valuable insight into what the market expectations are. That’s why these two parameters rank high in priority for all industry verticals. Employing efficient IT service management tools and automation are among the most reliable approaches for optimizing response and turnaround time. The integration of Flint with Freshservice brings you benefits of both on a single platform.

The Integration

Flint is a unified automation platform applicable to both IT Operations and cloud management. To automate IT operations, it wires together different elements of IT infrastructure such as systems, applications, and devices. This results in better management, unified control, greater visibility, and ultimately, improved ROI.

Freshservice, on the other hand, is a service management tool designed to help customers submit requests for services within an enterprise. This robust ticketing and IT support system that operates as a plug-and-play widget for IT service management can prove useful for organisations from all industries and sectors. In simple terms, it is akin to a universal service desk operating through various channels.

Enterprises sought an extension of Freshservice capabilities to automate requests being processed manually with help of standard procedures laid out in a pre-existing knowledge base. The integration of Flint with Freshservice addresses that requirement of the target user base by introducing an element of automation. It brings in the capability to automate the process of picking up and fulfilling requests, just like a human would.

The Objective

The integration of Flint with Freshservice has been done with the prime objective of making ITOps and ITSM automation a feasible reality. As a result, service requests and support tickets that can be processed through automated resolution are re-routed to Flint. This eliminates the need to maintain an operational workforce 24x7 and helps to bring in greater efficiency at reduced long-term costs. The integration of the two platforms remains absolutely seamless, thanks to the closed-loop automation capabilities employed by Flint.

Benefits of Flint - Freshservice Integration

The integration is aimed at strengthening the basic premise on which Freshservice operates, building a bridge between companies’ endeavours to cut costs and customers’ emphasis on the quality of a service. Here is how the Flint-Freshservice integration is a crucial spoke in that wheel:

  • Flint’s extensive automation capabilities for IT processes will support Freshservice’s 24x7 access to support through a cloud-hosted, hassle-free system that is available to customers at any time of the day.
  • The integration will not only automate a majority of the service requests but also organise the ones that do require intervention by human agents on the basis of priority, sending out proactive alerts and push notifications to agents for their involvement, as and when required.
  • Using Freshservice in tandem with Flint also opens up the option to choose whether to perform service management operation using on-premise IT infrastructure or migrate to the cloud.
  • Greater control over IT operations and working through a unified platform would result in more efficient identification and management of problems, as you can efficiently zero-in on any underlying issues and negative patterns that can trigger system crashes and breakdowns.

Smart tools can work wonders when clubbed together. The Flint-Freshservice integration is a fine example of it.