The advent of cloud management in businesses is evident. Firms need to adopt rapidly emerging technologies and build new solutions and services for their customers all at the same time. However, business-as-usual costs are hefty, and the financial, time, and manpower resources required to execute this smoothly is too much to think about.

Without the right tools and knowledge, adopting new technologies would do more harm than good. Hundreds of hours and millions of dollars could be wasted on inefficient and repetitive operations on your clouds.

Fret not, for Flint is all that you need. Our flexible, unified platform combines a ‘microservices’ approach with immediate task execution, so you can effectively manage your hybrid infrastructure across its entire lifecycle. This means that your enterprise can standardise and automate routine operations, save operational expenditures, to allow your team to focus on what matters most.

For the uninitiated, a cloud management platform enables organisations to deploy, manage, monitor, and control applications across public and private clouds. The Flint platform caters to the diversity of cloud services and related technological functions that enterprises interact with, and ensures that efficiency and cost savings are achieved at the same time.

Our cloud orchestration capability offers a unified platform to manage diverse cloud resources, such as cost consumption and optimisations, provisioning, housekeeping, and decommissioning. With orchestration, your enterprise will gain more control with your businesses’ resources, thus leading to more cost savings.

Furthermore, our platform is designed to create custom and automated workflows through a ‘microservices’ approach’. This eliminates the complexity of building and managing core functions and services. At the same time, it allows your enterprise to build highly portable, scalable, automated solutions and services.

All these, coupled with the platform’s capability to automate IT operations to run on an ‘autopilot’ mode, allows you to focus on more important aspects of your business operations.

It’s cloud management, service automation, and IT orchestration – all in one place: Flint.