Responsible for delivery within the Flint team Agile, I’m practicing agile and learnt so much and found a tremendous change in how we manage the deliverable, time and quality while product curation. It’s been a great experience for us as a team and I think sharing experiences is always a great opportunity to gain more knowledge. So here are few takeaways while practicing Agile (mostly referring JIRA as a tool)

How important are the boards in JIRA

In my organization we use JIRA to manage our work, and this really reduces the overhead of keeping things on an excel sheet, or on your mind, because being a human you are tend to forget things and JIRA plays a crucial role to keep everyone updated.
P.S: We have to make our team update JIRA board on daily basis.
I am still in the learning process of how to best use JIRA because it has a huge capability, may be in my further blogs I will write about it.

Agility demands Clarity

Agile is all about moving quickly & easily, and in such case it is very important to get the things clear, everyone should be on the same page. Assumptions may lead to failures, so the communication should very crisp and clear. This will help to get things done with fast pace.

Stories those are not made up rather bring value

Agile helps to deliver the right value to your customers, but this is possible only when we create such kind of stories and take them into iteration, so that end of iteration provides a working software that provides value to the customer. This is one of the important keys to achieve Customer Satisfaction.​

Agile is by the people, for the people

Team is the one who is working and contributing to deliver the right value, so we need to take stand for our team whenever required. This builds a trust and boosts the morale of the team members. This also helps to create a positive working environment and build the right culture.

Stay hungry, but feed to the process

Frequent feedbacks are vital in Agile Development teams. It helps to see if the team is going in the right direction and building the product as expected. The stakeholders are accountable for the review and any changes or improvements leads to creation of new stories/enhancements in the backlog. Timely feedbacks helps to get things correct and meet the set objectives.