Digital transformation will require new skills and a shift in IT investments


By 2018, 35% of IT resources will be spent to support the creation of new digital revenue streams and by 2020 almost 50% of IT budgets will be tied to digital transformation initiatives. A greater reliance on digital will bring new challenges: The typical IT organization will spend up to 30% of its budget on risk, security and compliance by 2017, and will allocate 10% of IT staff to these functions. — Forbes

Let us spend some time to define “transformation”. Business transformation is about finding and successfully pursuing a new business modelIT transformation is finding out how to make IT a strategic lever for the business in addition to being a robust business infrastructure. Digital transformation is finding out what data can do for your business.

Any type of transformation is accompanied by a change whether in the business or IT. Important here is the business continuity and speed of adoption of new technologies while we are on the journey of transformation. IT of an organization plays a crucial role in this.

Agile IT which is participating in the transformation along with the business needs to assure KTLO with service continuity and resources(time & money) to adopt new technologies.

Flint IT Automation Platform is most appropriate for a demanding and agile IT. This is how Flint helps…

A. Flint accelerates adoption of new technologies…

Flint is an adaptive platform that wires together the IT infrastructure, applications, systems and devices to integrate-orchestrate-automate connected use-cases of IT operations.

Flint platform offers a flexibility and agility to adopt emerging technologies and use them in automation of IT operations. It provides a no-need-to-learn platform (follows microservices pattern) where automation of IT workflows is achieved using generic scripts which are scalable and highly available to business services.

B. Flint helps to standardize IT processes…

Flint is a true orchestration and integration platform and this offers a great deal to IT in standardizing their infrastructure and processes by integrating with a common platform (sitting at the core and surrounded by other systems within IT). Well-connected and orchestrated IT systems and applications enable standardization of IT and its processes.

C. Flint helps in saving your IT spending on KTLO…

Transformation needs resources (time & money), Flint gives a boost to transformation as it saves you 30–40% of your KTLO spending which are getting consumed in routine manual operations. Automation is the path to transformation and Flint is the gateway.

D. Flint directs workforce to take up transformation…

When your routine IT operations are automated with an assurance of no service disruption, it saves time for your workforce to invest in planning and innovation of new services and solutions.

E. Flint helps in monetizing custom solutions…

Flint offers an innovative platform which is vendor-neutral and quickly integrates with latest technologies, this enables you to build your custom services and solution which can then be monetized.

There are more ways to exploit the benefits of Flint in the journey of digital transformation. Share with us your goals of transformation at or visit to know more about Flint and its capabilities.

All these and more enterprise-class features of Flint at 1/5th the cost of other products in the segment. Enjoy our unlimited free trial edition for Flint and contact us for Proof-of-Value / Proof-of-Concept.

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