Get Every Part of Your IT to Play Perfectly Together

Delivering business services at a pace of emerging technologies is difficult enough for IT operations. Considering the complexity of multi-tier application stacks, constant adherence to compliance, and increased security threats, this is usual to see how IT workforce is overwhelmed by labor-intensive, routine operations. The burden of repetitive, manual tasks affects productivity—and innovation—of IT staff and business users.

Flint coordinates workflows across applications, platforms, and tools to automate critical IT processes, accelerating service delivery, enforcing compliance, and lowering costs. A common scenario leveraging automation features of Flint such as to execute typical IT service requests, new hire onboarding, password resets, service provisioning or decommissioning, automatically triage incidents or trigger remediation.

Integrate. Automate. Accelerate

Optimize routine IT operations by orchestrating your systems, processes, infrastructure, and applications. Maintain full control over your IT resources, optimize service management processes, and deliver significantly improved service levels. Bring together all your diverse IT tools and automate the connected use-cases seamlessly. Harmonize interactions between siloed systems and promote integration through connectors, APIs, command line, and other interactive protocols.

Art of Creating Unity among Diverse Systems

Interaction & exchange between silo systems needs to be harmonized. We keep building standard connectors which makes it an easy integration with any systems and applications which supports standard APIs, command line and other interactive protocols.

Flexibility to Build Custom Automation

Authorized users can easily provisionl, modify, or decommission on-demand infrastructure through a simple self-service portal. Suitable for IT service deployment of any kind including private and public cloud, single, bundle, or multi-provider services. The service catalog module gives you multi-tenant organization hierarchy support and creates a seamless user experience.

Consume and Offer Automation as a Service

Multi-provider cloud consumption and management can be overwhelming. The Flint IT Automation Platform provides standardized service provisioning and management to make application and environment deployment fast, easy, and cost-effective. Administrators can quickly build new services and edit existing configurations.


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